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“…gut-wrenching, required reading."

- Esquire on NO VISIBLE BRUISES ("The 25 Most Anticipated Books of 2019")


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NO VISIBLE BRUISES  - What We Don't Know About Domestic Violence Can Kill Us

We call it domestic violence. We call it private violence. Sometimes we call it intimate terrorism. But whatever we call it, we generally do not believe it has anything to do with us. In America, domestic violence accounts for 15% of all violent crime… we have not taken the true measure of this problem. In No Visible Bruises, Rachel Louise Snyder gives context for what we don’t know we’re seeing. She frames this urgent and immersive account of the scale of domestic violence around key stories that exploded the common myths — that if things were bad enough victims would just leave; that a violent person cannot become nonviolent; that shelter is an adequate response; and more insidiously, that violence inside the home is disconnected from other forms of violence. Through the stories of victims, perpetrators, law enforcement, and reform movements, Snyder explores the real roots of private violence, its far-reaching consequences for society, and what it will take to truly address it. 

 Praise for No Visible Bruises:

“…gut-wrenching, required reading.” Esquire  (“The 25 Most Anticipated Books of 2019")


“...No Visible Bruises is a keening for the battered and a shout of outrage for the lost, a case for the higher awareness that could make us better humans.” Ted Conover, author of Newjack: Guarding Sing-Sing

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