Punch After Punch, Rape After Rape, a Murderer Was Made

The execution of Lisa Montgomery would be an injustice on top of an injustice.

Life: An Unspooling

With 'She Knows A Band,’ an Agent is Born


A Difficult, Beautiful Christmas in the Arctic Circle

adventures in the North

Can Domestic Abusers Keep Themselves Accountable When No One is Watching?

batterer-intervention programs and the pandemic

Was the Wife of the Pulse Shooter A Victim or An Accomplice

a closer look


The Trial of Noor Salman and Its Shocking Disregard for Survivors of Domestic Violence

domestic violence and the Pulse night-club shooting

The Court Slams The Door on Abusers Owning Guns

Do domestic violence abusers have a 2nd amendment right? 

No Visible Bruises: Domestic Violence and Traumatic Brain Injury

traumatic brain injury and domestic violence

Annals of Prevention - A Raised Hand
A crisis center attempts to eradicate domestic violence homicide by predicting it before it happens


“Which Domestic Abusers Will Go On To Commit Mass Murder?” 

The one act that offers a clue



"Can Poor People Be Taught to Save?"
One man's idea to secure insecure futures


"Ashes to Ashes"
How Indonesia could do it right 


"My Mother's Ghost"
Thirty years later she came to visit 


"They Sterilized us"
The Chinese government's control over Tibetan wombs 

"Thirty Year Old Grannies"
The price of a dictator's birth policies... 


"In Afghanistan, Women Speak Again. To Old Truths"
The Taliban have gone, but Sharia remains... 

"Shunned and Scarred For Life"
A group of American doctors donate their skills to saving the outcast women in Africa 



A DC janitor, a 19th century nurse and modern-day military contigent on a mission to find America's missing soldier 

"Camino Real, Seeking the Soul of America's First Superhighway"
Searching for America's first real Superhighway



"The Sixth Sense"

Martha McClintock proved menstrual synchrony. Now she's out to prove the sixth sense... 

"A Walk in the Woods"

How to prepare for a war zone

"Where Should We Have Our Baby?", Wed. May 6, 2009
A mother and daughter find life in Bangkok (Part 1)

"Is Love Really Inevitable?", Wed. May 7, 2009
A mother and daughter find life in Bangkok (Part 2)

"Cyclones", Wed. May 8, 2009
A mother and daughter find life in Bangkok (Part 3)

"Dispatches from Cambodia: The Politics of Shopping", 2004
"Dispatches from Cambodia: Gathering The Evidence", 2004
"Dispatches from Cambodia: Gun-Shopping in Phnom Penh", 2004
"Dispatches from Cambodia: Guns and Art", 2004

"Dispatches from the Tsunami. Aceh, Indonesia: Tryptophan Tours", 2005
"Dispatches from the Tsunami. Aceh, Indonesia: The Bell Jar", 2005
"Sue Hendrickson, A Tale of two Sues", 1999
What does the world's most famous dinosaur hunter do in her free time... 

"Carole King, Will You Still Love Me?", 1999

"Cuba's Millennium: Viva la Evolucion", 2000
Ringing in the new century

"Brian Wilson, He Still Gets Around", 2000

"Paul Stanley, Kissing The Ring", 2000

"Hurricanes and Hope in Honduras", 1998
What happens when a country goes upside down

"Laughing With The Dalai Lama", 1999

"My Lunch With Ira Glass", 1999

"Uninformed Consent", 2000
Human subjects research gone awry